Canadian Disc Golf Shop, Ace Runners, Announces Merger

Canadian Disc Golf Shop, Ace Runners, Announces Merger

In a news release on June 24, 2024 (archive post), Vancouver area disc golf retailer AceRunners announced that they have merged with Innova Disc Golf to form Innova Disc Golf Canada. AceRunners is one of the largest disc golf shops in Canada.

“We at Innova Disc Golf are thrilled to announce our merger with Ace Runners to form Innova Disc Golf Canada. This move will help us grow the disc golf scene across Canada. Our Canadian customers have asked for better product availability, faster shipping, and better pricing, and we believe this new company will deliver. We’re excited to work with John and his team in Canada to provide the best disc golf experience and products,” says Kobyn Dunipace, General Manager of Innova Disc Golf.

The goal of the merger is to improve access to Innova products, with “enhance(d) product availability, delivery speed and competitive pricing for Canadian wholesale partners, and our Canadian customers.” Currently Canadian Customers who want special edition discs only available at the Innova Factory Store have to pay high international shipping prices and excessive customs fees upon delivery.

Customers are reassured that Ace Runners gift cards will be transitioned to the new Innova portal once it is launched. It is currently unclear if Ace Runners will continue to stock other disc brands and operate as a retail storefront.

Update: Ace Runners Chat Bot confirms that their site will only restock Innova products until Innova Canada launches.

My Take on The Merger

Ace Runners has been a staple in the British Columbia and Canadian community for as long as I’ve been playing disc golf. Their local focus has helped improve disc infrastructure, support events and grow the sport. I hope that this partnership with Innova continues this local growth, enables further efforts with various cities and makes event organization even easier.

Rare Discs is committed to stocking a wide variety of discs from various manufacturers at great prices. We will continue to support events through the donation of prizes and gift cards, and engage with city Parks and Recreation departments for the future growth of the sport. In the short term, nothing will change for us. We do not plan to open a retail location due to the high costs of operating in the Vancouver area. However, the online only business model has its limits. Presently Innova does not sell direct to online only retailers. Hopefully this policy will change with the new merger. Affordable access to the sport is extremely important for its future growth, and having a manufacturer distributor available domestically means lower shipping costs, faster turn around time and better access to fun and unique products.

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