Building a Disc Golf Glow Bag – 3 Understable Glow Discs That You May Not Have Heard Of, Reviewed!

Building a Disc Golf Glow Bag – 3 Understable Glow Discs That You May Not Have Heard Of, Reviewed!

These days it seems like many popular runs of glow in the dark golf discs sell out fast and are only available on the secondary market, often at a steep markup! Today we’re taking a look at 3 understable glow discs that you can buy right now and might help round out your glow bag.

X-Com Griffon, Understable Mid

The X-Com Griffon is an inexpensive glow disc that is great for beginners. This disc is an understable mid that will fly straight with moderate arm speeds – for new players it’ll show any mistakes as it tends to follow hyzer, anhyzer or flat flight path. Eventually after the disc is beaten in, it’ll go to the right during the flight. High power players will flip this disc pretty easily, and would turn it over consistently if thrown flat. It’s not quite as understable as a Axiom Paradox, and that gives it enough fade that it’ll consistently finish straight, especially for players who are throwing 200-250ft. It’s got a good amount of glide too, and tends to settle to the ground pretty softly.

Our criticism of this disc is that the plastic feels relatively slick, and the glow does not last very long. Thankfully the disc is quick to charge and initially quite bright, so if you are hunting for this disc with a UV torch it’ll pick up the light and become visible fairly quickly. This disc might be a great addition to a newer players first glow bag as it is easy to throw and has a cool stamp.

Lone Star Mockingbird, Far Flying Fairway

The Mockingbird (Ka-Kaw!) is one of our top choices for glow discs, thanks to its long lasting brightness. Lone Star Discs has made a glow blend that is near best in class, rivaling MVP and Thought Space Athletics. This plastic is quite soft and flexy, very bendable especially when warm. Regardless it is durable, and shines bright with just a little charge. And how does it fly? The flight numbers being similar to a Leopard are pretty on point. Brand new, this disc started a bit more stable, but once it beat in it should become a flat and far flier for moderate arm speeds, with a touch of right turn. Those with slower arm speeds will find the Mockingbird stable and great for flex lines, while advanced players would be able to hyzer flip it. This is a great choice for all skill levels and almost immediately found a place in my glow bag. It’s one of those discs I look forward to throwing more and learning how it best flies.

RPM Pekapeka, Higher Speed, Higher Stability

The Pekapeka is an understable speed 9 driver from Kiwi disc manufacturer RPM. Understable might be a misnomer, however, as this disc starts out far more stable than its flight numbers suggest. It’s pretty flat and has a wider rim than many speed 9 drivers, making for an extremely comfortable forehand and backhand disc. This is the kind of disc for new players trying to push over 300 feet, as it’ll fly swooping anhyzer lines. For those with larger arm speeds, it’ll start stable, then begin to flip as it beats in, seasoning to the kind of disc that makes you say “wow” for distance. Despite the flight numbers, we actually found the Pekapeka to be a touch more stable than our Glow Instanity, but not so much that it was unmanageable. RPM represents a decent middle ground with bright glow plastic that feels great, however the glow doesn’t last as long as some other competitors.


If you’re after some unique glow discs, Rare Discs has a huge selection of Glow Disc Golf Discs in Canada. We also have cheap US shipping. Check us out, or if you’re looking for any specific advice, feel free to send us a message. Happy Glowing!

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