Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Course – 2023 Course Walkthrough

Raptors Knoll Disc Golf Course – 2023 Course Walkthrough

This is a course walkthrough/preview video for the 2023 BC Open hosted at Raptor’s Knoll Disc Golf Course in Aldergrove (Langley Township), BC. If you want to support more videos like this, please check out Rare Discs next time you’re after some cool disc golf equipment.

Follow me as I guide you through the course in its current configuration, talk about the out of bounds and the shots I make to play the course from the Blue teepads.

Front 9

Important notes:

  • Hole 6: there is a new pin placement that extends the top right of the fairway. The top of the new pin placement is surrounded by OB just at the edge of circle so it is very easy to throw long on the upshot and take a needless stroke.

Raptors Knoll is characterized by tight OBs that use a mix of natural features and high grass to define fairways. In the summer, the tall grass is punishing to throw discs in to even if it is still in bounds. Not only does that grass eat discs, it is also full of stinging nettles and thorns.

In the winter when the grass is dead, many of the OB rivers and ponds fill up with dark water, making disc retrieval difficult, but the water is generally not an issue in the summer.

Back 9

Important Notes:

  • Hole 11: everything short of, and to the right of the OB river is now considered out of bounds. Long throwers, especially right hand back hand who are attempting to drive the far island can stay out of bounds the entire way and need to re-tee.
  • Hole 12: there is a new pin placement about 75 feet long of A pin in the woods. Currently the brush is so thick to get there that even a shot parked on the A pin is still nearly impossible to birdie.
  • Hole 17: there is a new pin placement to the left of the short pin, in the field. It is also surrounded by OB, on a small island like configuration.

Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to support these videos by shopping at Rare Discs for your next disc golf purchase.

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