Thought Space Mana – Nebula Aura Drop

Thought Space Mana – Nebula Aura Drop

Thought Space Athletics’s newest disc, the Nebula Aura Mana, drops tomorrow Wednesday November 30th at 9am PST on Rare Discs.

The Mana is an excellent compliment to the famous Thought Space Pathfinder. Where the Pathfinder tends to go straight with a bit of fade, the Mana will start with some right turn (right hand backhand) and fall right into place.

Great for new players due to its easy to throw nature. It’s super controllable and much easier to keep flat for lower arm speeds.

More advanced players will appreciate the wonderful turnover lines that the Thought Space Athletics Mana takes, flipping up to flat, flying even a bit right before falling back down into place lightly, without too much skip or roll.

Flight Numbers 5/5/-2/1

Get your Thought Space Athletics Mana here!

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