Gyropalooza Packs Incoming. Shipping Delayed for Canada Orders

Gyropalooza Packs Incoming. Shipping Delayed for Canada Orders

Good news everyone! The 2021 MVP Gyropalooza Player Packs are in transit. We anticipate receiving them on Friday, November 19. If everything goes as planned, we will generate shipping labels and have these dropped in the post after the weekend.

I’m as excited as you are to have them in person! That blue glow disc is gonna be sweet.

Watch our Twitter and FaceBook for further updates.

Shipping Delays Caused by Storm

A big autumn storm has blocked Vancouver off from road and rail access to the rest of the country. Shipping via our standard ground carriers (Canada Post) will be significantly delayed as the majority of parcels travel across the country by rail or truck. This includes both our flat-rate economy and Expedited Parcel. Unfortunately there is not much we can do but wait and hope that repairs and swift and effective.

Right now this only affects Canadian orders.

US-bound orders will be re-routed through USPS or UPS and avoid using our typical economy delivery method. Rare Discs will not increase the price of our flat-rate even though these other methods cost extra versus our ordinary Economy Method (which uses the Canada infrastructure).

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Image Source: TranBC Flickr

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