Rare Discs Disc Golf Tournament Support Packages

Rare Discs Disc Golf Tournament Support Packages

At Rare Discs, we support the growth of disc golf in our local community. We are located in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. If you are hosting an corporate disc golf event, tournament or pop-up within the province, we offer a wide selection of prizes for your players with discs from nearly every major brand. We can help arrange:

  • Custom stamped discs for tournaments
  • Swag for players packs
  • Starter sets for corporate events
  • Gift cards for amateur division winners
  • CTP and raffle prizes
  • Donated prizes for fundraiser tournaments
  • Assistance in acquiring permits or approaching businesses to host pop up courses

If you’re looking to hold a tournament in or around the Vancouver area, get in touch with us and find out how we can help.

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