Where to buy Disc Golf Mystery Boxes in Canada

Where to buy Disc Golf Mystery Boxes in Canada

Disc Golf mystery boxes are a staple for players who want to try new discs, brands and plastics but are unsure which ones to try. There are so many options for discs that it can be overwhelming, and mystery boxes simplify the process.

Why Mystery Boxes?

With mystery boxes, the possibilities are limitless. Some mystery boxes contain a unique disc that would be unavailable elsewhere, while others offer a general selection of stock discs. Many of the mystery boxes we sell are more like advanced starter sets, offering an introduction to a disc brand with some of their best discs. If you’ve ever wanted to try Thought Space Athletics, for example, we have a mystery box for that. Or, if you want to stock up on some glow plastic and don’t know where to start, our glow mystery box is the perfect starter set at a highly competitive price.

What is the downside to Mystery Boxes?

Often mystery boxes are a way for shops to clear out stock that hasn’t been selling. This might be products with bad colours or unpopular molds. Rare Discs specifically has a mystery box called the Rejects Box that contains only bad colours and unpopular molds, and it is at a highly competitive price. As well, since these boxes are true mystery, sometimes buyers may get some molds that they already own.

Where to buy Disc Golf Mystery Boxes in Canada?

Rare Discs is the first disc golf shop in Canada to offer mystery boxes. While you’re add it, add a handful of your favorite molds to your mystery box order to qualify for free shipping across Canada and USA.

What about Special Requests?

Some mystery boxes, such as the 2023 Gyropalooza Mystery Box from MVP, are sealed by the manufacturer with tamper evident tape. In that case, customization is not available. However, many of the mystery boxes offered by Rare Discs are designed in house and have many options available. Are you looking for mostly drivers? Slow speed discs? Easy to throw? We can help with that – simply add it into your order notes or send us an e-mail after ordering.

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