Innova Halo Star! New Discs Just Launched at Rare Discs

Innova Halo Star! New Discs Just Launched at Rare Discs

Innova Halo Star is a premium blend plastic with great grip and a slow wear. It’s the tip top plastic and features vibrant contrasting colour rims. Here are our top 3 recommendations for Halo Star discs!

1. Innova Halo Star Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is the kind of disc that should be in every player’s bag. It features a long, straight flight with a reliable end fade. Newer players will find it overstable, but not uncontrollable. This is the kind of fairway driver that pushes for long drives even in moderate headwinds. It’s great for forehands and backhands.

Flight numbers: 9/4/0/2

Get your Halo Star Thunderbird here!

2. Innova Halo Star Boss

This recommendation is for players with big arms: the Boss is that go to distance driver when there’s a ton of room to shape shots and absolutely throw a bomb down the fairway. It’s got a beefy rim for confident grip, and just enough turn to carve giant s-curves in the sky. This is the go to disc on distance courses.

Flight numbers: 13/5/-1/3

Get your Halo Star Boss here!

3. Innova Halo Star Mystere

The Mystere is a less popular mold that we personally love. It’s got a good amount of high speed turn and fade, making it a choice distance driver for players of all ability levels. High power players will enjoy the ability to throw beautiful turn over shots, while lower arm speeds will love the way it always falls out of their anhyzers after flying forever.

Flight numbers: 11/6/-2/2

Get your Halo Star Mystere here!

If you’re after even more turn, check out the Roadrunner or the Mamba. The Mamba is one of our most popular molds as it is super easy to throw, and a great roller disc.

What’s your favourite Halo disc? Let us know in the comments!

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