MVP July 2024 Pre-Orders: Neutron Trail, Fission Defy, Fission Dimension and More!

MVP July 2024 Pre-Orders: Neutron Trail, Fission Defy, Fission Dimension and More!

Get your pre-orders in for the latest MVP release from Rare Discs. We have all the discs on order, including the latest release of the Neutron Trail. If you’re after pre-orders in Canada, we are one of the best places to buy from.

NEUTRON TRAIL – 10/5/-1/1 – This is the newest in the James Conrad series, it promises to be a hyzer flip machine. This disc should shape to any shot with exceptional ease. Stock Stamp Trail or Special Edition. Help support James Conrad on his touring efforts!

– 11/5/-1.5/3 – The Defy is a stable to overstable distance driver that can be depended on for less turn. In Fission plastic this disc will absolutely bomb with a touch more glide, while still maintaining that nice hefty fade. Stock Stamp Defy or Special Edition.

FISSION DIMENSION – 14.5/5/0/3 (unofficial) – We expect this beast of a disc to have a touch more turn to be more manageable for those of us who are not Eagle McMahon. However, this is a big disc, and lighter weights are recommended unless you can throw 400+ (and not in internet distance). Special Edition Dimension.

TOTAL ECLIPSE HEX – 5/5/-1/1 – This is the Hex you know and love, now in full glow total eclipse plastic and a stock stamp. It’s super straight flying, with a touch of stability.

OTHER RESTOCKS (next 1-2 days)

– Neutron Glitch
– Neutron Servo
– Neutron Wave
– Proton Deflector
– Proton Matrix
– Proton Telsa
– Fission Photon
– Neutron Orbital

– Neutron Hex
– Prism Neutron Pyro
– Proton Fireball
– Electron Envy (new blend)
– Electron Pixel
– Electron Proxy
– Eclipse Envy
– Eclipse Proxy

– Halo Star Destroyer
– S-Line Horizon MD1
– C-Line MF MD4
– Swirly S-Line TD (super swirly)
– Neo Forge Function

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