Bottom Stamp Disc Golf Discs are Perfect for Disc Dyeing

Bottom Stamp Disc Golf Discs are Perfect for Disc Dyeing

If you’re looking for disc golf dyeing, Rare Discs has you covered. We offer a wide range of blank and bottom stamped discs in premium plastic that are perfect for customization. Create your own unique discs today!

How to Choose a Disc to Dye

  • White works best. Other colours are find for plain black stencil dyes. Coloured plastic effects other colours (for example blue on yellow plastic will become brown) so for the most vibrant work, start with a white disc.
  • Unstamped or bottom stamped discs work best. Blank discs will not have any bleed marks around the old stamp.
  • Only choose premium plastic. Base plastic will not absorb dye.
  • Premium glow plastic works fine, but usually requires longer to absorb colours and will dim the glow.

What Kind of Blank Discs are Available

  • Axiom Envy – Eclipse 2.0: This is a stable putter with a straight flight and a consistent reliable fade. It’s our best selling blank disc that we offer as the glow is excellent, and any reduction in glow brightness caused by dyeing is not a huge deal. Rare Discs also offers the Axiom Hex, MVP Reactor and MVP Resistor in glow blanks as well.
  • Streamline Lift: Eclipse 2.0: Like the Envy, this is a bright glowing disc. This is a drive though, and the flight numbers suggest that this disc would be flippy but it tends to be much more stable. We consider this one of the most underrated glow discs on the market, as it’s an excellent fairway driver for anhyzer distance drives.
  • Kastaplast K1 DIY: there are two disc models currently available in the K1 DIY, the Kastaplast Svea and the Kastaplast Lots. The Svea is an understable mid range that’s great for turnover throws requiring perfect accuracy. The Lots is a distance driver with enough stability to inspire confidence in head winds. Kastaplast intends to release more K1 DIY discs in their most popular molds.
  • Infinite Bottom Stamp: In a starlike blend, the Infinite Discs absorb dye brightly. Currently Infinite offers white/blank Emperors, which are a destroyer type disc with a lot more glide, the Chariot which is a straight flying mid range and the Dynasty which is a moderately stable fairway.
  • Discraft Bottom Stamp: Discraft also just released their white/blank bottom stamp line, starting with favourite molds such as the Nuke, Buzzz and Zone. More Discraft bottom stamped discs will be available in the future. They have swirly ESP bottom stamp discs available, but since these are bright colours they are not the best to dye.
  • RPM Platinum Line: Although these discs are not white, many are light coloured which make a great base for disc dyeing. The Platinum Line are the nicest discs from RPM that show off their moulding prowess – currently only available in the Tara Iti at Rare Discs.

Hopefully this guide helps you choose some discs to dye for your next disc dyeing project! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Disc golf discs hanging on a wall like art pieces. (but they are blank canvases)

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