Let’s Play Disc Golf – Raptor’s Knoll Disc Golf Park (Front 9)

Come join me playing disc golf at one of the finest courses in the world: Raptor’s Knoll Disc Golf Course in Langely, B.C. Canada. This video is the front 9, played from the short (red) tee pads. If you enjoy it don’t forget to subscribe to the Disc Dart Youtube channel!

Rare Discs – The Disc Golf Marketplace – Launch Giveaway!

Disc Dart – Launch Giveaway! Welcome to Disc Dart, the Disc Golf Marketplace where you can start your own disc golf pro shop. With Disc Dart you can buy and sell new, used, unique, custom, dyed and special disc golf discs. Our featured sellers offer dyed discs, limited run stamps and hard to get products. Disc Dart allows YOU to sell your used, new and personal disc golf collection. Our primary goal is to help connect disc dyeing artists with potential buyers in a centralized place that anyone can search without requiring any social media account or searching through social media groups or hashtags.

Rare Discs Code of Conduct

We were founded by members of the Disc Golf community to have a centralized place for users to buy and sell their disc golf equipment. Our focus is to provide a one stop shop for disc golfers to list their disc dyeing services, buy equipment and sell their creations. When buying and selling on Disc Dart, it is important to follow a few key rules in order to make this community fun and fair. Our marketplace has some moderation that will periodically ensure these rules are enforced.