Axiom Shuttle Backpack Watermelon Edition Preorders, and MVP Stock Updates!

Some great news from MVP today: they are releasing their famous watermelon coloured backpack in a more compact and lighter weight form, and we’ve got it for pre-order at Rare Discs in Canada! If the Voyager is too heavy for you, this is the perfect middle ground, with bright vibrant watermelon colours in a lighter weight. We are located in Canada and have disc golf pre-orders in Canada. Beat the rush!

Shipments to Australia and New Zealand Suspended

We’ve temporarily had to suspend shipments to Australia and New Zealand as they are being rejected by our carrier due to overwhelming backlog. Any shipments sent by international post to these countries will currently take so long that it will not provide a good customer experience. If you do want to buy something from us and live in these countries, I would recommend to get in touch and we can discuss options. Thanks for your understanding!

Pre-Order Notification: Axiom Watermelon Bag Voyager Lite, Canadian Stock

Reservations for the Rare Watermelon Backpack are open now. There’s only 7 slots, so hurry and reserve yours today. But if you missed it, don’t worry, half our stock will be available for regular retail customers when the items arrive at end of September.

Starter Pack Restock – Two Disc Beginner Disc Golf Set for New Players, Including Latitude 64 Diamond, Dynamic Discs Putter and Latitude 64 Bag.

These starter packs are hand selected by our expert disc-pickers to be the two best beginner discs. Featuring the easy to throw distance driver, Latitude 64 Diamond, and an understable putter, this set is sure to quickly foster a love of the sport and allow beginners to throw straight and flat much sooner than starter packs that include difficult overstable discs. This set is from highly regarded brand names and even includes a carrying bag!  We mix brands to bring you the best and easiest to throw. This set is great for children and adults alike. Two discs are less confusing than three: one for long throws, one for short throws, and a bag to carry more discs in once the new player begins to understand the physics of the sport and purchase more discs (hopefully from us!)

Rare Discs Restock! Axiom Pyro, Axiom Tenacity Special Edition, Axiom Hex Skullboy, MVP R2 Neutron Putters, Streamline Lift

We just got a crazy load of beautiful MVP discs. There are disc golf blanks (perfect for disc dyeing), with vibrant colours and stunning premium plastic. Axiom Pyro Prism These discs are a fantastic overstable …