Rare Discs – Disc Golf Retail Site Update

Rare Discs – Disc Golf Retail Site Update

We’ve made some changes to our site, including a complete overhaul of the theme. This update moves us to a version 2.0 theme which has some important features. Most notable changes include:

  • Search Suggestions
  • Filter Discs by Speed/Turn/Fade
  • Larger photos of products
  • Easier disc selection

There are no changes to our great shipping prices for US, Canada and Global customers (in fact our Canadian shipping was reduced in price to some major cities). Free disc golf shipping on orders over $123 still applies (CAD or USD depending on whether that’s going to US or Canada).

If you have any trouble with the new site, please reach out and let us know.

Rare Discs

An illustration of search suggestions.
An illustration of search filtering showing off how to filter by speed.

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