Okanagan Disc Supply Gone?

Okanagan Disc Supply Gone?

Recently it is rumored that Okanagan Disc Supply, based out of Kamloops BC, has closed permanently. Unfortunately as more time passes it looks like those rumours they have disappeared may be true. At time of writing, the OKDS website reads “password protected” and the Facebook page has been taken down. The retail store is not open to the public.

OKDS has been instrumental in promoting disc golf in the Okanagan region and throughout BC. They sponsored tournaments and supported the local community in many ways. The loss of Okanagan Disc Supply will be felt throughout the community.

Where are some other Canadian disc golf shop alternatives to Okanagan Disc Supply?

  • Rare Discs – Based in New West, BC, with free shipping to the Okanagan over $123 CAD
  • Ace Runners – Based in Langely, BC
  • Just4Fun – Based in Penticton, BC
  • Bigfoot Trading Co.

We will update this article with more information if the situation changes.

A disc golf basket at Rose Hill Disc Golf Course, overlooking Kamloops BC

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