OTB Open Phase 2: What We Know

OTB Open Phase 2: What We Know

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The OTB Open Phase One discs were incredible, and many molds sold out within minutes. There was an Eclipse Glow R2 Glitch (glow rim) and some really cool soft plastics including Soft Eclipse.

The OTB Open Phase Two 2023 fundraiser discs have just been revealed by some other disc golf shops, so we figured we would get on the hype train. Here are the molds and plastics that will be released in wave two.

  • Streamline Flare – Eclipse 2.0
  • Axiom Envy – Total Eclipse
  • MVP Ohm – Proton Soft
  • MVP Deflector – Proton Soft
  • Axiom Echo – Proton Soft
  • MVP Matrix – Proton Soft
  • Axiom Hex – Proton
  • MVP Uplink – Eclipse 2.0
  • MVP Tesla – Cosmic Neutron

There are a ton of exciting discs in new plastics that will be released for the OTB Open 2023. There is no more glitches, despite that being far and beyond the most popular disc of the release. Photos of the stamps are not yet available (spoilers) but we’ll have the OTB Open discs available at Rare Discs when they’ve been released publicly.

2023 OTB Open Wave One - Prism Proton Trance disc golf disc.

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