Pre-Order Notification: Axiom Watermelon Bag Voyager Lite, Canadian Stock

Pre-Order Notification: Axiom Watermelon Bag Voyager Lite, Canadian Stock

Reservations for the Rare Watermelon Backpack are open now. There’s only 7 slots, so hurry and reserve yours today. But if you missed it, don’t worry, half our stock will be available for regular retail customers when the items arrive at end of September.


Reservation Details

  • $10 reservation fee (applied to your final bill as our flat rate USA and Canada shipping)
  • Make sure to choose “free shipping” upon check out unless you want express shipping when we receive the items
  • Remainder of US $119.99 billed directly to your e-mail when we receive the items late September / Early October
  • 3 Days to pay final bill or item will be released into general stock
  • Quantity of 7 will be reserved for regular retail customers

Other Items on the Way

James Conrad Electron Envy (World Champion Edition) and Nomad Special Edition

The Electron Envy and Nomad are famous discs made special by James Conrad’s amazing defeat of Paul McBeth at the 2021 Disc Golf World Championship. These discs are not limited edition and are made for as long as there is need. We did not take pre-orders so all items will ship out immediately upon order (and our receipt of stock). We ship to USA and Canada with fantastic cheap flat rate shipping.

More MVP Announcements

MVP Announces the Neutron Axiom Paradox, one of the flippiest mid-ranges MVP has ever offered.

As per usual we are not taking pre-orders on this item and will release this disc into general stock for USA and Canada shipping. If you want to get your Axiom Paradox in Canada we have cheap flat rate shipping and no customs/import fees thanks to our amazing Canadian distribution partners.

Flight Numbers: 5 / 4 / -4 / 0

Axiom Insanity Glow in the Dark Disc

Winter is coming, at least in our Northern hemisphere and that means it’s time for Glow Golf. If you’re looking to buy the Axiom Insanity glow in the dark disc, we’ve got a whole bunch coming at the end of September. This is Axiom’s Glow 2.0 plastic and should shine bright after UV light exposure. In the meantime, one of our selling partners has a couple of Glow Envy’s left as well as some really cool Thought Space Atheletics Owluminati Glow Discs so go check those out while they are still in stock. Oh, and apparently they have one Kastaplast Kaxe Z Glow still!

The Insanity is one of Axiom’s overmold discs with an understable flight path and stable finish. It’s similar to the Streamline Lift and Innova Valkyrie. These discs are some of my favorite, with my noodle arm 300ft throw, because I can get long straight lines and a consistent fade. In heavier weights this becomes a reliable wind disc and more powerful throwers will find these to be great hyzer flip up shots or even for long distance rollers.

Axiom Watermelon Umbrella

I want to keep this one for myself but would go bankrupt if I kept every item I ordered. So, same as above, these will become available to general consumer stock as soon as we receive the items (and are allowed to by our dealer agreement).

Seriously isn’t this one of the greatest things ever?!

Stay tuned, all this wonderful stuff and more coming to Rare Discs in September 2021. There’s so many good things on the horizon that I can’t wait to show you.

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