Guide to Glow 2022 – Disc Golf Glow Plastic Rated!

Guide to Glow 2022 – Disc Golf Glow Plastic Rated!

Glow season is on the horizon and it’s time to stock up now! Here’s our guide to glow discs and our rankings of the glow plastic that we know and throw.

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Our Favorite 5 Glow Discs:

Axiom Envy Eclipse 2.0

This is the quintessential stable glow throwing putter, and a must have for every glow player. The Envy Eclipse 2.0 is super bright and quite stable for a consistent finish when thrown.

Discmania Rainmaker

The Rainmaker is a great feeling putter that actually glows in the dark, unlike some other brands “D” plastic. The beveled edge gives it a traditional putter feel for straight spins or perfect pushes.

RPM Piwakawaka

The RPM Piwakawaka is a slightly understable mid-range that flies straight even with higher power. This is a great disc for accurate upshots or for throwing anhyzer to get around awkward corners.

Lone Star Mockingbird

The Lone Star Discs Mockingbird is a true flippy fairway driver. Thrown on a slight hyzer, this disc will flip up to flat and fly super far. It’s easily controllable for players of all ability levels, and the glow is great.

Kastaplast Lots

This is a stable fairway driver with a touch of turn. It is controllable for players of all power levels, for big bombs and enough stability to fight headwinds. Kastaplast glow consistently tops our glow charts.

Glow Plastic, Ranked!

MVP, Axiom, Streamline Eclipse 2.0 A+ A+There are some complaints that MVP glow plastic may be too bright.
Kastplast Glow 2022 A+ AKastaplast glow is higher price than other brands, but their variety of molds and plastic quality makes it worthwhile.
Thought Space Glow A- B+Similar to Eclipse 2.0, but from our experience, a touch less bright.
Lone Star Glow A- B+A softer flexible glow plastic that takes a while to charge but holds brightness reasonably long. Lone Star has several truly understable glow discs.
RPM Glow A- B-Nice bright glow and wonderful feeling discs, but the brightness fades faster. Stiffer than other brands.
Dynamic Discs Moonshine (2022) B+ B+Much brighter than previous Moonshine blends and now highly competitve.
Discraft Z Glo B C+Consistency in brightness varies between disc color and run.
Innova Champion / Infinite C-Blend Glow B C+Glow consistency varies wildly between runs. More recent runs tend to be brighter and slightly longer lasting.
Innova DX / Infinite D-Blend Glow C+ CA base glow plastic. Very similar stiff hand feel to regular DX.
*Disclosure: This chart is based off of staff opinions and glow timed tests in the shop. Real world conditions vary. Disc runs vary as well; some discs are brighter than others from the same brand.


MVP offers some glow stickers that are nearly as bright and long lasting as their Eclipse 2.0 plastic. Glow stickers and tape is a great way to make your favorite mold into a glow disc, however it is not PDGA legal. If you plan to use your favorite disc in a PDGA tournament the glow tape will need to be removed.


Glow Plastic is More Stable
Yes, this is typically the case. Often, glow plastic flies more stable than its non glow counterparts due to the additional weight and glow compound. Most brands do not account for this in their flight numbers.

Buy a UV Torch
The brighter the torch, the better it will be to light up your discs. UV is also easier on the eyes in low light compared to white light. UV Torches go through batteries quickly so we also recommend buying rechargeable batts.

Even If It Doesn’t Glow So Long
Most glow discs will light up under a UV torch even they aren’t glowing. Use a UV torch to help hunt for discs hidden in bushes because they typically shine bright under UV light.

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