Rare Discs Code of Conduct

Rare Discs Code of Conduct

We were founded by members of the Disc Golf community to have a centralized place for users to buy and sell their disc golf equipment. Our focus is to provide a one stop shop for disc golfers to list their disc dyeing services, buy equipment and sell their creations. When buying and selling on Rare Discs, it is important to follow a few key rules in order to make this community fun and fair. Our marketplace has some moderation that will periodically ensure these rules are enforced.

Please Do Not Spam

It goes without saying that Rare Discs is a community for disc golf equipment. If you’re using the site to comment, review disc golf discs or share something cool about disc golf, please make sure you are posting at a reasonable rate and not repeatedly sharing the same ideas or links.

Be Kind to Everyone

Disc golf is an inclusive sport and we want Rare Discs to reflect this. Make sure that your comments on here, disc golf equipment reviews and discussions are inclusive of everyone regardless of who they are.

Selling Disc Golf Discs

Rare Discs offers trade ins (we buy used disc golf discs in exchange for for store credit). If you describe your disc golf equipment accurately, we can give you a spot on price quote. Proof of ownership is required for trade in.

In some instances, we may allow others to sell on our platform. They must clearly disclose that their item is shipped from a 3rd party. If you are selling on our platform, here is a guideline:

Describe items accurately

We require photos for all listings. Please take advantage of this. For used equipment please make sure to describe all:

  • Knicks
  • Scratches
  • Dings
  • Dents
  • Inking (even if removed)

Please also do your best to describe:

  • Weight
  • Colour

Photo Examples

Do not sell garbage


  • A well played disc with ordinary dents, dings and discoloration that has a unique stamp
  • Old tournament memorabilia that may not be in throwing condition
  • Antique Disc Golf Gear that may show signs of age


  • DX Leopard Lawnmower Mauled with a slice right down the middle
  • Ripped, torn or heavily worn clothing
  • Used stickers

Discs Should Arrive As-Described

Rare Discs has a as-described guarantee, meaning that if a buyer purchases an item and it is significantly not as described we will mediate a discussion with the seller to try and make things right. Although with some exceptions we do accept listings for unique and collectible discs in unplayable condition, we will reach out to sellers with whose discs are in unplayable condition and have a chat about whether or not they should be listed on the site.

If an item is not as you expected, reach out to the seller and try to resolve it. If that fails, Rare Discs support is here to step in. Do be aware we are often out playing so give us a couple hours to reply! We also recommend sellers purchase Shipping Insurance in case the item is damaged in transit.

Fair Disc Pricing

Under no circumstances does Rare Discs support price scalping of new off-the-shelf discs. Any scalping will be investigated on a per-user basis and warnings will be given appropriately. We want disc golf to be a fair and equitable sport (since we play too!) and for everyone to have a chance to get their favorite main-line disc at the best price. Do note that our “No Scalping” policy applies to general stock discs sold at well above retail price. Collectible, unique and limited run discs should be priced appropriate to fair market value. As much as we personally want a Watermelon Axiom Envy, we understand that this disc and many others are highly collectible, therefore fair value will be far higher.

The price for custom dyed discs is determined by their seller, so please reach out to individual sellers for more information on how they price their discs. Art discs may be substantially more expensive than basic discs. We do not restrict prices for custom dyed discs.

Ship Your Items Quickly

Don’t hold off for a week or two. Get the item in the post fast! And please use a box, to protect the disc. We all want our discs and to get out playing.

Want to Learn More about Selling your Discs on our Marketplace?

Information coming soon.


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