Weekly Special – 10% Off Bags. New Stock Coming Soon!

Weekly Special – 10% Off Bags. New Stock Coming Soon!

Rare Discs Weekly Special!

Save 10% off all disc golf bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and satchels. Expires Sept 12, 2021 @ 11:59PM

Find our selection of bags here. We don’t have a huge selection yet, but the bags we carry are some of the best, at a great price with inventory available for US and Canadian customers on all SKUs.


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This Shipment is On the Way

  • James Conrad Envy
  • James Conrad Nomad
  • Glow Reactors
  • Other Envys
  • Several more special MVP discs

We expect these discs to be available for purchase by Wednesday September 15th. We have not taken any pre-orders so all of our discs will be available to the public immediately upon receipt. That means there’s no waiting and wondering when (or if) your discs will be shipped. We will only list the discs we actually have on hand! Our Canadian warehouse will have a bunch of them as well, so for our buyers up in Canada who want the 2021 Commemorative James Conrad World Champion Envy, we’ll have them available and shipping at our cheap Canadian flat rate, with billing in CAD.

If you don’t get one in the first run, do not worry. MVP is not in any rush to stop printing these discs and will continue doing so until demand ebbs. That being said, we will only be ordering the one run unless our own personal demand skyrockets. If they sell out right away, you can expect more to be on our next MVP order early October.

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