Dynamic Discs and Discmania Restock

Dynamic Discs and Discmania Restock

Rare Discs just restocked a bunch of Dynamic Discs, Westside and Trilogy at our Canadian shop. Of note include Moonshine Harp (which glows super bright) and many other Ricky Wysocki line discs that support his touring efforts. There’s also a restock of beginner sets and 170g class Latitude 64 Diamonds, historically one of the best sellers on our site. Here’s a list of what we just restocked:

Latitude 64 Diamond disc golf disc with eagle clutching a diamond artwork stamp

New Discmania PD!

This is the Power Driver you’ve been waiting for: a new Discmania PD in C-Line Italian Blend has just launched. For power throwers, the Discmania PD is a professional level disc with a massive amount of stability. It should go forward for a long long ways for advanced players, before having a big meaty fade back. It’s possibly the best all around driver for headwind flex shots as it should not turn over. This is a great disc for accuracy and placement. Here are all the Discmania Restocks:

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