Eagle to MVP? Eagle McMahon is Moving to MVP! Simon Pixel Release.

Eagle to MVP? Eagle McMahon is Moving to MVP! Simon Pixel Release.

Eagle to MVP? They Finally Did It.

Eagle’s found a new roost at MVP. They gosh darn doodly did it! After all the speculation, all the hype, all the tears and all the drama, Eagle has Landed and he brings a sweet stamp. Eagle’s first signature disc is the Prism Proton Envy. This is my favourite disc and I’m going to by 12 of them. The Envy is a torque resistant putter that has a low profile. Power players will find it flies straight with a decent fade. This disc is priced like a stock run too!

Pre-Order Eagle McMahon’s Prism Proton Envy Here

Simon Line Pixel

A Pixel is the smallest point of a digital image, an individual piece that creates a whole. A disc golf game is composed of many different throws and putts, each its own element making a complete picture. The Pixel is the defining piece of that whole.

Simon Lizotte’s Pixel is the first putter in the Simon Line, designed for straight flights and confident putts. This is a disc that goes in the chains over and over again for an excellent score, fun with friends, or just enjoyment of nature.

The Pixel is available in Electron Soft, Electron Medium and Electron Firm.

Pre-Order the Special Edition Simon Lizotte Pixel at Rare Discs today. Or, we also have the Pixel Stock Stamp.

The estimated release date for all of these discs is unknown at the moment, and will be announced later.

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