Infinite Discs Restock – April 5, 2022

Infinite Discs Restock – April 5, 2022

Rare Discs just got a huge restock of several disc molds and bottom stamps. Check it out:

Infinite Exodus – Splatter S-Blend (Bottom Stamp)

The Exodus is a particular favorite of ours, with 7/5/-0.5/2 for flight numbers. This disc is an extremely comfortable feeling fairway driver that has just the right amount of fade to be reliable with a bit of wind. But not too stable! We’re fond of this one for forehand placement shots, but it can also handle a good amount of power for longer tosses before turning over. The Metal Flake glow version is more stable for power throwers.

We also got in the Infinite Discs Exodus Metal Flake Glow (Eric Oakley Special Edition).

Infinite Centurion D-blend Glow

The Centurion is a speed 7 fairway driver similar to the Exodus but with a small rim. It offers a bit more turn and a bit less fade, for straight lines down tight hard to navigate stretches. Lighter arms should find this beating in to a straight flier while more powerful throwers will find it understable for hyzer flips. All players will love the way this disc pushes and glides for distance.

Kastaplast Berg – K1 Line Eric Oakley Tour Series

Berg? Berg! The Berg is like a rock. Throw it hard? It’ll float down and settle. Throw it slow for super accurate placement where you don’t want discs to roll away. Berg!

Other Infinite Restocks

Firefly Glow Vinyl

For CAD $6.49 this is a set of Reusable glow vinyl stickers for night disc golf that are perfect to add to your non-glow discs and light up the night. These stickers are designed by MVP to mimic their Eclipse 2.0 glow discs (see our comparison below) in terms of longevity and brightness. Slap these on to your favorite discs and use them at night when combined with a UV torch!

We are a Canadian seller of Infinite Discs. Are you looking for Infinite Disc Golf discs in Canada with cheap shipping prices? Check us out!

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