Pre-Order the Axiom Pitch and Axiom Eclipse 2.0 Crave Now!

Pre-Order the Axiom Pitch and Axiom Eclipse 2.0 Crave Now!

Axiom Crave – Eclipse 2.0 Glow

The long awaited, highly anticipated Eclipse 2.0 Crave is here. Featured in bright green glow for maximum glowyness, the Crave is one of the most popular fairway drivers on the market. It can handle a bunch of power and still find its exact line. It acts like a much higher speed driver, but thanks to its thinner fairway rim, it is easy to handle for players of all skill levels.

The Axiom Crave Eclipse 2.0 are available for Pre-Order in Canada at Rare Discs. We have the Special Edition Radioactive Goop Monster Stamp and Regular Stock Stamp.

Axiom Pitch - Pre-Orders are Available Now at Rare Discs Glow Eclipse 2.0 Color Canada Canadian Disc Golf Frolf Retailer

Axiom Pitch – Total Eclipse Glow

Flight numbers: 1/7/-0.5/0

The Pitch is here too! Similar to a Glitch but with a more rounded wing, the Pitch is here to up your catch game. It’s got a touch more turn than the Glitch, making it super easy to pop and glide straight into the chains for those long circle two bids, or floaty throws. We expect all of these discs to arrive in the light weight 155 – 159g range.

Rare Discs has the Axiom Pitch available for Pre-Order now, with the mesmerizing Eclipse stamp.

All of these discs release to the general public on April 5th.

Why Buy from Rare Discs?

  • We are highly communicative with Pre-Orders including shipping updates
  • We pack all our discs in a recyclable wrap so they don’t scuff on each other in transit
  • We do our best to honour any color requests
  • We have free shipping over $123 CAD to Canada and $99 USD to the United States
Rare Discs does MVP Axiom Pre-Orders including the April 2024 release of the Eclipse 2.0 glow crave and Total Eclipse Pitch Disc Golf Discs Shop Today

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