Where to buy the Neutron Detour, Electron Entropy and the Simon Lizotte Proton Tesla

Where to buy the Neutron Detour, Electron Entropy and the Simon Lizotte Proton Tesla

If you’re looking for the newly released MVP 2024 Simon Lizotte Proton Tesla, the Electron Entropy or the James Conrad Neutron Detour you’re in the right place! Rare Discs has pre-orders open for the latest MVP discs. We’re a Canadian shop and we offer free shipping to Canada over $123 CAD and US over $99 USD. Here’s what was just announced:

MVP Proton Tesla – Simon Lizotte Special Edition

Simon Lizotte Proton Tesla Limited Edition available at Rare Discs

The MVP Tesla is one of my favourite discs. It’s got just enough turn to be manageable for a moderate arm speed like me and the flat profile makes it extremely comfortable for forehand. It’s a great disc for power players too, who will find it flips up to flat, flies super far, and then has a reliable fade. With the flight numbers 9/5/-1/2, the flatter profile means it may not glide as much as some competitors, but that’s what I’m looking for if I need a disc to throw into a moderate breeze, or something that will fly a big swooping flex line and always fade out.

This new Tesla is the Simon Lizotte signature series. It features a limited edition Humming Bird stamp. It’s one of his favourite discs, and it is sure to be one of yours as well.

MVP Neutron Detour – James Conrad Special Edition

Pre-Order the James Conrad Detour mid-range at Rare Discs

Previously only available as a special release for the Gyropalooza boxes, the Detour is now available with a stock stamp at regular retail price. The Detour is the latest disc in the James Conrad lineup. This is a slightly flippy mid-range that fits between the Uplink and the Hex in terms of stability. The flight numbers are 5/5/-1/2.

To commemorate the release of the Detour there is also a special edition Bendy James stamp. Somehow he keeps getting more flexible.

Axiom Time-Lapse Fission

Axiom Time Lapse SimonLine Disc Golf frolf Frisbee Pre-Order at Rare Discs Canada

The Time Lapse was one of our most popular discs when it first launched. It is MVP’s attempt to find that balance between stability and speed for power players that want a bit of flip and a reliable fade. In Fission Plastic, the Time Lapse will beat in a little bit quicker and become easier to throw for lower arm speeds. Higher arm speeds will absolutely bomb this disc, as the extra turn and lighter weights will make it a super easy hyzer flip disc. The flight numbers are still rated 12/5/-1/3 but we suspect they will be more flippy than expected.

There is also a Special Edition release.

MVP Entropy Electron

MVP entropy electron SE Pre-Order at Rare Discs Canada

The Entropy is an approach disc that is excessively overstable. In premium plastics, this disc starts fading out of the hand. It’s the kind of disc that gets around sharp corners and finds the ground fast. This newly released electron Entropy will beat in a little bit quicker and find a better balance between massive overstability and accuracy for placement. It’s made from the updated electron blend that released with the Axiom Pixel a couple months back. This new Entropy is available in both stock stamps and special edition alien stamps, and soft, medium or firm plastic. In the Special Edition, each firmness of plastic has its own design.

By the way: Rare Discs has another shipment of the OTB Special Edition discs on the way, with an ETA of May 31st. They’ll be here soon. Check out our remaining OTB 2024 Stock Discs here.

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