Where to buy Infinite Discs in Canada

Where to buy Infinite Discs in Canada

Infinite Discs are a disc golf brand manufactured by Innova Discs. They have similar plastics (s-blend = star, and c-blend = champion, for example). But Infinite Discs tend to come with a wider variety of special stamps and creative plastic blends versus the stock Innova products. Some discs are the same molds and others are combinations of molds, or older molds that Innova has discontinued.

Rare Discs is the source for Infinite Discs in Canada. If you’re after any of the following, you’ve come to the right place:

  • Limited Edition Infinite Discs
  • Infinite Discs Factory Seconds and X-Outs
  • Infinite Discs Halo Star S-blend
  • Various quality discs from smaller boutique brands sold by Infinite Discs

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