Simon Lizotte’s MVP In the Bag August 2023

Simon Lizotte’s MVP In the Bag August 2023

Here is a look at Simon Lizotte’s MVP discs that he is bagging for the Autumn 2023 season.


  • Electron Anode – Simon has wiped the stamps from his base plastic Electron Anodes giving them a super clean look. The Anode is a straight flying putter for perfect for a variety of styles, including slightly floaty nose up putts and line drives into the chains.
  • Soft Neutron Glitch – This is a custom dye from ScrewyDyes. The Neutron Soft Glitch is a light weight disc that glides for days and is even great for long C2 Putts.
  • Soft Neutron Proxy – a touch of stability fresh out of the box, but beats into that perfectly straight long flight.
  • MVP Spin – the most understable putter, brand new, when thrown flat it’ll just turn and keep turning with minimal fade. Great for turnovers in the woods.


  • Neutron Deflector – an absolute meathook that is one of the best discs for scrambling out of trouble
  • Axiom Prism Proton Pyro – a completely flat slightly less meathook meathook (and what I consider to be the better disc between itself and the Deflector for us mere mortals)
  • MVP Cosmic Neutron Matrix – with the limited edition Unicorn OTB stamp. A great disc between the Pyro and the Hex in terms of stability
  • Axiom Hex Proton and Neutron – the two stabilities mean the discs fly similar but the proton holds up to headwinds a bit more (Proton offers more fade than the Neutron)


  • Axiom Fireball – the driver version of the Deflector, and a great disc for windy days. Most normal players will find it an absolute meat hook but it does beat into something a bit more reasonable.
  • MVP Neutron Terra – Similar to a Tesla with a slightly different hand feel, and more turn out of the box.
  • MVP Proton Tesla – Simon describes this as his favourite disc and one of the most thrown drivers in the bag. The Tesla is a straight to overstable driver, and in Proton plastic it is super reliable
  • Axiom Crave (Neutron or Cosmic Neutron) – Cosmic Neutron tends to be the most overstable version of this disc, with other plastics beating in to a near dead straight flight. It’s kind of like a longer Hex.


  • MVP Wave – One of the best discs we recommend to all progressing players, the Wave is almost a cheat code for extra distance because it has a good amount of flip up and tons of glide (especially in Fission plastic, where it is much less stable than Neutron or Cosmic Neutron)
  • Axiom Neutron Defy – a bit more stable than a Trace, and a lot more stable than a Wave, great for headwinds.
  • Axiom Neutron Panic – a meathook option for distance shots, spike hyzers, and is crazy overstable
  • Axiom Neutron Delirium – a big thick rim driver that is chunky beef
  • MVP Neutron Dimension – Simon has two of these discs, a newer run that is shockingly overstable and an old Patent Pending run that has some turn.

Hopefully this provides some insight into what Simon throws and why. There are some fantastic discs for all players and ability levels, and some big drivers that are great for power players and emerging pros. Rare Discs has most of Simon Lizotte’s bag available to buy now. Be sure to check us out next time you’re after MVP, Axiom or Streamline discs!

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