Huge Lone Star Disc Restock (Tons of Lone Star Glow)

Huge Lone Star Disc Restock (Tons of Lone Star Glow)

We’ve just restocked a bunch of Lone Star Discs including so much Lone Star Glow. Lone Star Disc has some of the best disc golf glow in the game, with a softer feel and good brightness.

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Lone Star Super Dillo is a Massive Speed 1 Understable Putter

Introducing the Super Dillo!


It’s the bigger, badder version of the Armadillo! Featuring a thumb track and a lid-like shape, the Super Dillo is the largest speed 1 putter on the market. It’s extremely understable, very glidey and flies more like an ultimate disc. In grippy Victor 1 plastic, the Super Dillo has a subtle soft flex to it and floats on water. Did we mention it’s HUGE?

Check out the Lone Star Disc Super Dillo at Rare Discs

Infinite Discs Pharaoh

Available in Halo S-Blend


The Infinite Discs Pharaoh is now available at Rare Discs. The Pharaoh is a quintessential distance driver that will reach a maximum distance with a high speed release. The disc is still controllable however, without an overpowering fade, which means this is a great first choice for players who are starting to push 400 and want to squeeze out the maximum distance possible. Throwing the Pharaoh off the tee when you want to claim as much territory as you can from your competitors and own the course today.

Infinite Slinger Deluxe Bag
A compact shoulder bag that carries 12 discs and weighs 1.25lbs.

Tons of Other Restocks

Lone Star Disc

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