Infinite Discs Restock – Thought Space Omen Cthulhu

Infinite Discs Restock – Thought Space Omen Cthulhu

Thought Space Omen – Nebula Cthulhu

Flight Numbers: 9/4/0/4

Spelling “Cthuhlulu” is a challenge, but throwing this disc is not – the Omen is an overstable speed 9 that is built for reliability in all wind conditions. When you need something that will go straight for a long ways and push hard left to fade even in these conditions., when you need stability, control and perfect placement, this is Your Omen.

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Infinite Discs Sphinx

Flight Numbers: 9/6/-3/1

The Sphinx is an understable driver perfect for lower arm speed players who want to achieve the maximum distance. The Sphinx is a great mix of control and distance driver, offering enough turn that new players will find it highly manageable and just a touch of fade for that reliability. For players with big arms, this will be a roller disc or great for sky anhyzers. This is like a “beefed up leopard” or more akin to a sidewinder, but with cool plastic and unique stamps.

Link to the Sphinx – Halo S-Blend

Also Restocked: Lone Star Disc, Glow Gryphon, Yikun Fruit Salad and Dino Discs

We’ve also just restocked kids weights in Dino Discs – we now have putters (Triceratops) and drivers (T-Rex). These discs are perfect for beginners who have a low arm speed. We recommend these discs to kids those who have trouble making the wrist action needed to generate spin.

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