November MVP Restock – Gyropalooza Players Packs!

November MVP Restock – Gyropalooza Players Packs!

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12 Lab 2nds: A variety of disc molds with some special unique treats thrown in. Lab second discs are functionally the same as regular discs but may include cosmetic imperfections or slight blemishes.

Total Eclipse Proxy, Gyropalooze SE: This is the next generation of MVP Eclipse, with a glowing rim and inner core! That’s 2x the glow! Featuring limited edition art by Mike Inscho, the Eclipse Proxy features tall TVs, and is reminiscent of War of the Worlds. MVP keeps the 2-tone color that Axiom is known for with white, aqua, green, purple and teal colors.

Color Eclipse Glow Envy: MVP is still prototyping the new color glow, this time in the color glow Eclipse Envy! The color glow core can contain blue, teal, green or purple, making a beautiful glow to match the flight of these new Envies. Prototype glow may be slightly less bright than regular Eclipse 2.0 (there’s a reason these are prototypes after all).

Not Just Nomads: After last year’s MVP Electron Mostly Mystery box, the Digital Gyopalooza 2022 Players Pack emphasizes variety. These packs will include a mix of Lab 2nd putters, mids and drivers with more drivers and fairways. These packs are a great introduction to the wonderful world of Gyro discs and makes a great gift for friends or to indulge yourself on the wonderful world of surprise discs.

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