MVP’s 2023 GYROpalooza Bundle is Insane

MVP’s 2023 GYROpalooza Bundle is Insane

MVP finally announced their Black Friday Gyropalooza bundle and you don’t want to miss this. Included are 11 discs: 5 guaranteed special edition molds, 4 lab 2nds and 2 special edition mystery discs from the MVP Pro Shop. Get your Gyropalooza Bundle at Rare Discs today.

Here are the guaranteed discs:

  • Eclipse R2 Envy
  • Eclipse R2 Hex
  • Eclipse R2 Crave
  • Eclipse 2.0 Glitch (glow flight plate!)
  • James Conrad Neutron Detour

That Neutron Detour looks pretty sweet too. It’s a new midrange from the MVP line with a slightly understable flight. With a rating of 5/5/-2/1 it aims to provide a good amount of turn, but not be uncontrollably flippy. This is the kind of disc made for lacing long, straight woods lines and offers a touch more control than the Paradox or Uplink.

In addition to the five guaranteed discs, the Gyro Box has 7 mystery discs. Five of those mystery discs will be lab 2nds, and two of those mystery discs will be special edition from the MVP Pro Shop. With Rare Discs’s Free USA and Canada shipping, the cost per disc works out to less than $11 USD.

Grab a Gyropallooza Box from Rare Discs today. Expected shipping date is November 24th, 2023.

MVP Gyropalooza 2023 Bundle

We Didn’t Miss the Time-Lapse!

The Axiom Time-Lapse is finally here and at MSRP. Don’t pay insane collectors markups for this newly released stock and special edition disc. The Simon Lizotte First Run Time Lapse went within seconds, but this release offers us as many as we can order. Allegedly this release is slightly flippier and easier to throw than the First Run prototypes. So if you are a power player and want to crush the fairways, or any player who wants to fight the wind, reach for the new Time Lapse and help support Simon Lizotte in his disc golf journey.

Pre-Order your Time Lapse at Rare Discs now.

Axiom Time Lapse SimonLine Special Edition
Axiom Time Lapse SimonLine Stock Run

Blank/Unstamped Hexes and Pyros for Disc Dyeing

Last on the Release Menu for the day are Blank and Unstamped Dyer’s Delight Axiom Hexes and Axiom Prism Neutron Pyros. Prism Neutron Pyros have been out of stock for a while, so it’s nice to see their return – especially in a fully customizable form.

All of these pre-orders are expected to ship around November 24th, 2023. Just in time for Black Friday.

blank axiom prism pyro

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